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Percussion Mini XS - Massage Gun

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This is our Percussion Mini XS which is an extra small sized massage gun designed to boost your performance.

Percussion Mini XS is extremely versatile & due to its small size can be taken anywhere.

Benefits of using Percussion Mini XS:

- Assist in warming up muscles before events.

- Help increase blood flow to muscle.

- Increase lymphatic system flow.

- Break down scar tissue.

- Help massage & stretch fascia.

Features of Percussion Mini XS:

- High torque brushless motor.

- Smart IC accurate massage.

- Heat dissipation system.

- Low DB noise design.

- 4 Speed settings (1800-3000 RPM)

- 1 Button operation system.

- 16 Hour standby time.

- 2600mAh Lithium ion battery.

- Aerospace grade full aluminium body.

- USB Type-C charging port.

- 12.8cm tall.

- 313g weight.

There are many benefits of using Percussion Mini XS in your daily routine. Make no mistake the Percussion Mini XS is small in size but packs one hell of a punch.


Percussion Mini XS massage gun.

Percussion Mini XS travel case.

USB Type-C charging cable.

4 Massage heads:

- Sphere Head

- Conical Head

- Cylindrical Head

- Tower Head