Using Motovation On Race Day

Using Motovation On Race Day

We get asked a lot about our recommendation on using Motovation on race day, so below is a little guide on what we would recommend.

As standard we recommend taking 1 serving (2 scoops) 20-30 minutes before each moto, this is to be mixed with around 300ml of water. This should help you out a lot when it comes to arm pump. However we appreciate each rider is different and below are some tips and adjustments you can make when using our product for arm pump.

For riders who suffer with severe arm pump and want to increase dosages:

This is no problem and something that is done by many riders, you can use more than the standard recommended dosages. We would first suggest taking 2 servings before your first moto and continue with 1 serving for the remaining moto's. If you find the double servings does the trick and works well for you then you can continue to use double servings before each moto. Some riders will benefit from doubling up on Motovation.

Then we will have the extremely lucky athletes who do not suffer with arm pump or suffer very little from arm pump:

If you are lucky enough to be one of these riders then you can still utilise Motovation as not only does it help with arm pump but also helps increase blood flow and nutrient delivery to working muscles. You will more than likely notice a little bit of a boost!

Motovation does not contain caffeine which helps greatly in being able to vary and experiment with different dosages. If you have any questions for our team then please get in touch via social media, email or phone.

See you on the start gate.

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