Adrenaline Fuelled Sports Supplements

Who are we?

We were created by our founder, Jack who has extensive experience in the world of motorsport & strength sports. This combined with his degree in sports science, led us down a path of creating premium grade, clinically dosed sports supplements that are now utilised by athletes from multiple disciplines across the planet. If you're looking for premium quality then you've come to the right place.

Fuelling World Records

Proud sponsor of Rhianon Lovelace. She is a professional strongwoman competitor who holds multiple world records & titles including:

1 x World Powerlifting Champion

1 x Worlds Strongest Woman

U64 World Record Deadlift Holder

U82 World Record Deadlift Holder

U64 World Record Atlas Stone Holder

2 x Britain's Strongest Woman

2 x Europe's Strongest Woman

LB for LB Strongest Woman - Strongman Games

Rhianon's Favourite Product - Surge

AMCA Championship 2021

  • From motocross to strongman. We have created the best products to support your performance.

  • Working with DonJoy Motocross t offer the strongest & most protective knee braces on the planet.

  • Success at every level. We support athletes in a range of disciplines, all the way from amateur to professional.

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