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Percussion Mini - Massage Gun

Percussion Mini - Massage Gun

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This is our Percussion Mini which is a small sized massage gun designed to boost your performance.

Percussion Mini is extremely versatile & due to its small size can be taken anywhere.

Benefits of using Percussion Mini:

- Assist in warming up muscles before events.

- Help increase blood flow to muscle.

- Increase lymphatic system flow.

- Break down scar tissue.

- Help massage & stretch fascia.

Features of Percussion Mini:

- High performance brushless motor.

- Smart IC accurate massage.

- Heat dissipation system.

- Low DB noise design.

- 4 Speed settings (1800-3200 RPM)

- 1 Button operation system.

- 2600mAh Lithium ion battery.

- USB Type-C charging port.

There are many benefits of using Percussion Mini in your daily routine. Make no mistake the Percussion Mini is small in size but packs one hell of a punch.


Percussion Mini massage gun.

Percussion Mini travel case.

USB Type-C charging cable.

4 Massage heads.

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