Arm Pump

Arm Pump

Arm pump is commonly talked about in motocross and is a huge issue for the majority of riders, we are going to talk you through some information on arm pump.

What is arm pump?

Arm pump is a clinical condition where an individual can develop intermittent marked pain in the forearms after a period of exertion (in this case Motocross).  The pain can come from swelling of the muscles of the forearm which in turn affects the blood flow to the muscle and causes oxygen levels to drop.


Signs & Symptoms

I think all of the motocross riders out there know this already. You will likely develop forearm pain after a period of exertion (during a moto) that settles down after a period of rest (ranging from minutes to hours). The forearm will typically feel tight while the pain is present. Both cramping & numbness of the hands may also occur which some of the Motocross riders out there will relate to 'whiskey throttle'.



Attempts can be made to reduce arm pump by increasing and manipulating periods of rest during the activity but this is not always successful. Arm pump can also be treated by surgery to release the fascia (connective tissue covering) of the muscle. This is usually done under a general anaesthetic and the tissue can either be split or removed. Before undergoing the invasive surgery you may want to try our product Motovation, its had amazing reviews and can assist with increasing blood flow and nutrient transport to muscles.

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